Mini Exelor : The versatility !

  • High performance, usability and design

  • Specially made for leisure and competition

  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Novelty of the year !
Here is the new design of the MINI-EXELOR, as you can see on the pictures which appear above. The front has been redesigned to give it a racier effect. More aerodynamic, the new MINI-EXELOR has also a more modern design (the front mudguard, more integrated than the previous version, is an optional accessory).

Why choose the MINI-EXELOR ?

A wonderful landyacht to possess… Assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye, the carriage is simplified thanks to the lightweight of the yacht. Pioneering, ergonomic and very powerful, the MINI-EXELOR can be used in leisure for self-improvement or in competition because the yacht corresponds to the « mini-yacht 5,6 class » standards.

This class has been recognized in 2012 with the introduction of a design specification by FISLY (the international governing body). Thus, mini yachts are now being raced at national and international level.

Time was taken to develop the perfect yacht for that kind of class. We have developed and worked out for more than one and a half year on a small monohull model (structural hull, body shell). The ergonomics of the hull already designed for the GLIDER and EXELOR models has inspired us as a great working base to produce our own powerful mini-yacht.

After working for a year around the pilot ability cockpit and performances, we are proud to present this small excellent racing model which showed at the World championships in Nevada USA (July 2014) as being the fastest, performant and efficient mini-yacht. In 2015 and 2016, The Mini-Exelor has won the European championship in Belgium and France. The Mini-Exelor has already amply proven its qualities and reliability.

The MINI EXELOR’s Strengths

The MINI-EXELOR combines light weight and sporting prowess. This small and extremely agile yacht has impressed many users with its high-speed performance and easy transportation. This mini-yacht is already in circulation on European beaches and shines with its efficiency and versatility. The disassembly can be done with an ease and a stunning speed. In a word, that’s a huge success of design and performance.

The Mini-Exelor has been designed for competition and categorized in the « Mini-yacht 5.6 class ». 5.6 means that the 3 touching points of the wheel on the ground must enter into a perimeter not larger than 5,60 meters. The wheel have to be not larger than 400 mm diameter. The mast must be made of round section tube(s), however the sail area is completely free.

General characteristics for the MINI-EXELOR

  • Self-supporting body made of fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass rear axles (you can choose the carbon axles in optional accessory)
  • Steering, front fork, even all the accessories and the wheels ball bearings are made of stainless steel
  • Nyon rims
  • Pulleys : 6 ball-bearing blocks including a ratched block
  • Mast and boom manufactured with high-elasticity aluminium.
  • 20 mm thick mattress to lay down into the cockpit for the entire body except legs, that for more comfort and draining water and sand (also available : the same mattress, cut, to cover the sides. This is an option)
  • 1 second adjustable foot-bar, even when you sail. The yacht is also equipped with an half steering wheel as an handle to steel for the start (or when you don’t sail to move the yacht).

Technical characteristics for the MINI-EXELOR

  • The Mini-Exelor complete and rigged weighs less than 50 Kg. The hull is 2,20 m long and weighs less than 20 Kg.
  • Many possibilities or complementary optional equipments are available to personalize your Mini-Exelor, as for example the adjustable spindles back wheels supports to modify the wheels angle but especially for the optimal parallelism adjustment according to the conditions of the ground/beach or wind conditions. Ask for more advices to Jean-Philippe Krischer, he will explain you the difference between the USA version (equipments) and the European beaches version recommended according to your weight, size and use ; as well as for the sails.

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