Mini Promo : Compete for the title

  • Already twice France champion

  • Easily transportable

  • High performance sandyacht

Why choose the MINI-PROMO ?

High performance leisure and competition sandyacht, the MINI-PROMO is really performing and can be carried easily.

The new MINI-PROMO is like a PROMO SPORT model (our well known sandyacht designed for competition, and already 4 times World Champion). In spite of the youngness of this new MINIPROMO and the new « Mini-yacht » class, this model is already twice France Champion, thanks to our excellent sail maker and fabulous pilot Fabrice IDIER.

The MINI-PROMO has the tremendous benefit that its versatility, and its easy transport are very useful as current trends are to offer in-land sessions or home sessions to customers (parking, fields…)

The MINI PROMO’s Strengths

The MINI-SPORT fits broadly into the new « 5,6 Mini-yacht class » category. This category has only one rule : are accepted, « any assembled land or sand yacht that fits inside a continuous loop of rope 5,6 meter long » (+Maximum tyre size 400x8, circular tube for the mast).

In the class « 5,6 Mini-yacht », you can compete with 3 of our models : the LUDIC, the SILENCE and the MINI-EXELOR (the most competitive, recently World Lady champion in USA, July 2014).

The new MINI-PROMO is dedicated to pilots who want a high-performance and easy transportable yacht. This new yacht has been truly inspired by our famous PROMO-SPORT (several time World champion). Indeed, the new frame stem from the previous one, same thing for the seat. The MINI-PROMO really looks like a PROMO-SPORT (just shortcut at the front), as they even have the same rig.

General characteristics for the MINI-PROMO

  • PROMO-SPORT rig, four times World Champion (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014)
  • The frame is the same as the PROMO-SPORT but without tiller. Axles made of steel but shorter and more flexible (you can chose the fiber axles too, as our others models)
  • Nylon wheel rims, stainless steel ball bearings (ball bearings greased at 80% instead of 25%)

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