• You choose the colour of the polyester hull (RAL colours, according to availability), top and bottom of your choice – we suggest you to choose a grey bottom to slim down the line of the product, and because it is a colour resistant to alterations like scratches
  • Padding made of nylon (15mm thick): comfortable and drains water and sand
  • 8 batons alloy rims
  • Front and back mudguard
  • Big back wheels 17” in formed aluminium (like the Glider’s)
  • Big back wheels 17” – 10 batons made of alloy (like de Standart’s)
  • Big axle in one piece like the Glider’s (2m long instead of 2.4) that improves the landyacht’s performance
  • Ice-skates available instead of the wheels to be able to go on frozen areas
  • Sport type rig in option: Dacron or Mylar, to be chosen with our sails maker Fabrice (sail of a competition cut, on a stiffer mast)
  • 6m² Dacron with reefs sail – to reduce the sail area (white Dacron instead of see-through Mylar fabric because Dacron with reefs are more resistant to creasing)
  • 6m² see-through silvery Mylar sail, blue battens, grey mast pocket
  • 6m² white Dacron with reefs, blue battens, grey mast pocket

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