• You choose the colour of the epoxy hull (RAL colours, according to availability)
  • All the items can be tidied in the hull: axles, mast, wheels, sails
  • Padding made of nylon (15mm thick): comfortable and drains water and sand

Ice-skates available instead of the wheels to be able to go on frozen areas

  • Usual 7m² rig: sail with fabric mast pocket, aluminium mast in 3 parts
  • “Wing mast” rig: 3 stackable pieces taking the shape of airplane wings, and made of epoxy, which you can put into the mast pocket (and around the mast itself). This rig is stronger than the 7m² one, which makes it sufficient for the 6.2m² rig.

You choose the colour of the Mylar sails, according to availability when ordering

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