SILENCE : Compact, lightweight and sporty

  • The sand yacht for leisure sport.

  • An unforgettable experience

  • Easily transportable, lightweight and fully demountable

Why choose the SILENCE ?

Have you ever practiced the land yachting ? The « SILENCE » allows you to chose your position depending on your level et your progress : seated (beginner), semi-recumbent (improvement), lying (sport).
Appropriate to different kind of ground such sand, bitumen and grass, the SILENCE is able to initiating you and much more !

The SILENCE’s Strengths

Very comfy, The SILENCE is a great mini-yacht. This beach buggy will give you thrill and excitement, sometimes even with a passenger, as you can settle in tandem.
The SILENCE is capable of being sporty. This well-designed yacht is easily transportable (in a rucksack and then in the trunk of your car). Look for details by downloading the PDF file below.

General characteristics for the SILENCE

  • Entirely dismountable as the frame can be dissembled in 2 parts.
  • The frame is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, and finished with Epoxy-paint (as aluminium joineries).
  • The fiberglass axles, unbreakable, make the yacht comfortable for users. Those axles are clad with rubber protection, developed to withstand shock and vibration.
  • The SILENCE is the most comfortable yacht : the seat is made of thick fabric, filled with a 50mm thick foam. The seat back, padded as well, is adjustable : 4 positions, from the front to the back to adapt the length of the back, and 7 other positions for inclination.
  • Telescopic adjustment of the tiller by a simple push-pin, to adapt the length of the legs
  • Original sail : 3,8 m2 (bigger sails available : 4,5 m2, 5,3 m2, 6m2, as an option). The sails are made of Mylar or Dacron.
  • Different wheels are available, according to your choice. The SILENCE comes standard equipped with 3 grey wheel rims. As optional equipment, you can opt for the eight-spoke alloy wheels. For the back, 56 cm wheels are also available, either the lenticular wheel molded in aluminium sheeting (such as the GLIDER), or the ten-spoke wheel (such as the STANDART’).
  • The front fork is easily and quickly removable without any tool.
  • NEW: Secure axle clamping system: in the event of an impact, the axle is unclipped and can be clipped again by hand. SEAGULL creation (optional).
  • The yacht can be carried as a backpack (the sail and the rigging can be carried by hand). The straps under the seat serve to carry the yacht as a backpack (the whole frame), to get you through a dune area for exemple.
  • If you don’t want to rinse your sand-yacht, you can also buy a lightweight « packing » bag made of spinnaker fabric (this one can be stored by a zip between the two skins of the seat). This bag is very useful : you can carry your yacht full of wet sand, in a backpack, and so do not dirty your car

Technical characteristics for the SILENCE

  • Assembled, dimensions : Length : 1,72 m to 1,83 m (adjustable tiller) x width : 1,80 m
  • Disassembled, dimensions : 0,90 m x 0,70 m x 0,35 m
  • Total weight : about 30 Kg : the whole frame weighs 21 Kg, the rigging weighs between 7 and 9 Kg
  • Mast made of anodized aluminium in 6 parts (0,95 m each)
  • Sails made of Mylar or Dacron. Sail surfaces available : 3,8 m2, 4,5 m2, 5,3 m2, 6 m2.
  • The frame is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, and finished with Epoxy-paint (as aluminium joineries). It is builded in 2 removable parts, easily transportable in the trunk of your car.
  • Fittings, pieces on frame and ball bearings made of stainless steel.
  • Transportable in the trunk of your car (in a rolling carry bag : 0,99 m x 0,70 m x 0,35 m)
  • Regarding the sails, these in Dacron can receive a reef : it means you can reduce the surface of your sail if there is too much wind.

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