XL : The big brother of the MC2

  • Bigger than the NEW MC2

  • Versatility and reliability make it a must-have

  • Useful, comfy and durable

Why choose the XL ?

We still manufacture the XL but only for professionals and clubs. This yacht is almost like the NEW MC2 but it is bigger : 12 cm more on length and width. The XL is rigged with a 6 sqm sail instead of 5,3 sqm for the NEW MC2

It has been designed for initiation and improvement, so it is strong enough for a daily intensive use. The ergonomic hull and the smart 1s adjustable foot-bar (even when sailing) make it really suitable to all, from children to adults

You will appreciate the versatility, the robustness and the flexibility as clubs are telling us.

The XL’s Strengths

Over the years, improvements have been made for professionals and clubs to reduce the maintenance time of your fleet and thus increase your working time (rigged faster, so you can begin your session more quickly)

For clubs, we advise to use the XL as the NEW MC2, so without tiller : the pivot is located on the nose of the seat (but the tiller is also available)

Note that the inside of the hull (the ergonomics and the length on legs) is the same as the NEW MC2. However, the backrest is different, the XL’s one goes higher, almost under the shoulder blades to get a better hold on the back. That is really useful for taller people.

The NEW MC2 is available in 2 different manufacturing versions : you have to chose carefully as these yachts will be your daily working tool. Following, explications for all versions :

  • Stainless steel frame girdling the hull (You probably know this version as this is the « standard »).
  • « T » frame, but still in fiberaxles : this frame is has the most affordable price (this is a centre tube made of metallic steel and finished with Epoxy paint as the « Promo-Sport ». The frame is welded to the stainless steel axle clamp in order to receive the fiber axles).

If you chose the XL (clubs), you can be absolutely sure to have a working instrument that will stand the test of time (note that the XL will not lose its value in time. Several years after the return on investment, you can expect to resell your fleet at one third of the price for new. Thanks to that, the replacement of your fleet is already partly financed)

General characteristics for the XL

  • 6 sqm Sail with reef (6,6 sqm on request)
  • Stainless steel frame (« standard ») or « T » frame
  • The unbreakable fiber axles make the yacht very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings.
  • Adjustable foot-bar, even when sailing
  • Fittings, pieces on frame and ball bearings made of stainless steel (ball bearings greased at 80% instead of 25%)

Technical characteristics for the XL

  • Disassembled dimensions : 2,40 m x 0,70 m (at the widest)
  • Assembled dimensions 2,40 m (Length) or 2,72 m with tiller x 1,80 m (width)
  • Mast in 3 different parts (50 dimeter for the first tube), made of anodized aluminium
  • Total weight : about 55 Kg

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