Glider: The pleasure is limitless !

  • A sporty and powerful classy design yacht

  • Remarkable behavior in all-weather condition

  • A concentrate of technology

Why choose the GLIDER ?

The Glider combines high technicality with refined design.

Magic in its behavior, the Glider is the fastest in the light weather, and remarkable in strong wind.

Its bold conception without stays, the all made of epoxy give the yacht flexibility and gracefulness. With its fluent and dynamic design, the Glider is a sandyacht with an assertive character that remains within the purest SEAGULL yachtmaking tradition.

The GLIDER’s Strengths

From Northern Beaches to deserts, the Glider demonstrates reliability and performance, combining style with adroitness. The comfort through the front suspension and the rear fiberaxle ensures optimum performance and speed. The flexibility and efficiency of the overall enhance the ergonomics of the hull which support the entire body (from the neck, the back, to under the legs). The Glider is big enough to sometimes settle in tandem. In that case, users are in half-seated position.

General characteristics for the GLIDER

  • 1 second adjustable foot-bar, even when you sail. The yacht is also equipped with an half steering wheel as an handle to steel for the start (or when you don’t sail to move the yacht).
  • Composite profiled hull, with a very design underside : perfect ergonomics for the body and legs (Thanks to the ability of the hull, you can use it in tandem)
  • Front steering fork pivot with stainless steel bearings on stainless steel springs suspension. The wheel leans in turns for better grip.
  • Handbrake
  • 2 different rigs available

Technical characteristics for the GLIDER

  • Total weight : From 65 to 69 kg, it depends on the chosen rig (wing mast, or standard mast)
  • Length : 4,10 m
  • Width : 2,75 m
  • Balls pulley + ratchet block
  • Transportable on the roof of your car (The hull weighs about 30 kg)
  • All spare parts are made of stainless steel, even the ball bearings
  • The mast and the boom are made of anodized aluminium (mast in 3 different parts)
  • Adjustable foot-bar when sailing
  • Very flexible axles, thanks the fiberglass made
  • Ergonomic compartment for unmatched comfort
  • Hull made of epoxy, sides strengthened by Kevlar

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