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"Je vous promets de beaux souvenirs"
Jean-Philippe Krischer, Seagull Designer

Nos chars à voile pour les particuliers


Nos chars à voile pour les clubs


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Seagull, landyachts for leisure and for competition.

Seagull Landyachts, created in 1984, proved to be a pioneer in the making of leisure and competition models, for families and for clubs. Through its various innovations, Seagull is now well known as a leader in its field of competences, thanks to the large range of its models, from the one “transportable in the car trunk” to the ones built for competition or for beginners.

Create your activity

Are you a student ? A business(wo)man ? An unemployed person ? Or managing a leisure structure ? Do you want to create your landyachting activity ? We will know how to guide you in the construction of your project. We designed a whole success process in 4 steps to help you out.

Develop a local, regional, national market, create your activity in unexplored spots and propose the landyachting activity to firms and holiday centers.

Seagull remains present in the elaboration of your project and in the paperwork to be sorted along the way: fundings, market studies, clients’ conquest, activity development, status of the firm, looking for the perfect spot(s)…

Créez votre activité de char à voile


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3 rue des Glénans
Statue of Liberty
56880 Ploëren
Morbihan - Bretagne

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