LUDIC CLUB : Accessible and Versatile 

  • Best choice for roving sailing club and base

  • Adapted for all (children and adults)

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

Why choose the LUDIC ?

The LUDIC remains indispensable for roving clubs or base : easily transportable and usable, it is probably the best compromise between the bulk and the pleasure.

For information, the LUDIC was the first mini-yacht to be for sale on the sand yachting market.

The LUDIC’s Strengths

For you, clubs, the LUDIC may be your dedicated initiation yacht. It suits all, children, teenagers and adultes, and meets many of your needs.

Highly used by schoolchildren, this small yacht is safe and appropriated to pedagogy. Know that Regional Educational Inspectors are rarely hesitating to validate clubs agreements if these sailing bases own sand and land yachting easily usable by children. Thus, your educational, technical and technological means (skills of the sail teachers and your LUDIC fleet which meets Youth and Sport and National Education requirements) will guarantee the highest quality to your service.

Much less cumbersome than any other mini-yacht, the LUDIC can be transported and practiced everywhere (sand, fields, bitumen, ice). Thanks to that, you can take your organization to the next level by opening up new opportunities : seek out new customers and schedule sessions outside your current area (schools, companies, employee representative committee etc…). Are you ready ?

General characteristics for the LUDIC CLUB

  • Sail for club version : 4,5 sqm or 5,3 sqm, made of Dacron.
  • Ergonomic hull made of composite. Colors available : White, Red, Yellow or Blue (many other colors on request). This yacht is suitable to all.
  • The unbreakable fiber axles make the yacht very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings.
  • All spare parts are made of stainless steel, even the ball bearings (ball bearings especially made for SEAGULL : greased at 80% instead of 25%)
  • Frame only : your LUDIC become a Parakart
  • The rolling bag is not included in the club version

Technical characteristics for the LUDIC CLUB

  • Mast and boom in several parts of about 95 cm each (anodized aluminium)
  • Pulley system with ratchet block included
  • Total weight : about 35 Kg (be aware : if you add big foot wheels, each of this wheel weighs 5Kg)
  • Adjustable foot-bar

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